"The  mission  of  Pawsitively  SAFE (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) is to  operate  as  a  non-profit organization  dedicated  to create  a  NO-KILL  society, humanely  reducing  the  number  of  cats  and  dogs euthanized  in  the public  shelters".  We  are  dedicated  to this  mission,  and  are  ready  to  do  the  work  needed. 

PAWSitively S.A.F.E. (Saving Animals From Euthanasia) is a non-profit animal rescue dedicated to saving animals lives. We save them from the streets and shelters of east Contra Costa County.

We work diligently in east county neighborhoods that need help with community cats. We provide Spay and Neuter assistance for pet cats and (TNR) for community cats, as well as get kittens off the streets and into our foster kitten program. We always fix the moms and the colonies from where we rescue kittens. All kittens in our program are fixed, vaccinated, and given medical care and socialization. Once kittens are ready for placement, we arrange transfer and transport into other rescue organizations, including Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).

We also work with Antioch Animal Services helping with Return-To-Field (RTF). RTF is a lifesaving concept that's gaining ground in the No-Kill movement. The approach is to take healthy unowned community cats that end up in the shelter, that due to their temperament, would otherwise be euthanized, and fix and vaccinate them and return them to their neighborhoods where they were trapped.

By doing both TNR and RTF we can help improve the lives of shelter animals. RTF directly creates more space and resources for other animals in the shelter and TNR keeps others from entering the shelter.

We are a non-profit 01(c)(3) animal rescue organization (EIN 81-1158380). All your donations are tax-deductible. We are a completely volunteer-run organization so you can rest assured that 100% of your donation goes directly to helping the animals.

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